Force of speaking

In this crowded world

all types of living organisms are talking

why ??

I don’t know

until the organism funreal

he will not stop talking

I noticed this lately

TALKing TALKing and Speak like they’ve never speak

me also

I want to speak

without interruption

without being monitored

and without be asked for explaination

Listening all the time is painfull.

and when you start to speak

you discover that who’s around you are not prepared to listen

and when you found a good listener you discover that he is a good hunter for your weak points

so why I would speak unless I have a problem to be solved or I want to have people pity on me.

although there are speakers who want to fix the world

which already I am not one of them

Force of Speaking = Amount Of Pain * Listener Acceptance.

Force of Speaking = Amount Of Anger * Listener Hate

Force of Speaking = Amount Of  Wise * Listener Distance

Force of Speaking = Amount of Silence * Listener Ignorance.

Force of Speaking = Amount of Thoughts * Listener Sleepiness
Force of Speaking = Amount of Illness * Listener Health

Force of Speaking = Amount of Evilness *  Listener Wise

a lot of forces here



Power of Forgiving  = Force of Speaking * Aparting Distance Speed.


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